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I remember seeing the posters promoting citizen participation on the home front during WWII.
These posters encouraged the greater public to become involved in war production and growing victory gardens. They persuaded folks to collect and turn in old newspapers and metal, including nylon stockings for recycling.

There were posters to make citizens aware of the presence of enemy spies among the populace, and urged people not to openly discuss any knowledge they have of military or defense operations. Hence, the adage, loose lips sink ships.
Posters encouraged people to drive less and conserve gasoline so that more could be available for the military. Patriotism became the central theme of advertising throughout the war. Large-scale campaigns were launched to sell war bonds, promote efficiency in factories, and maintain civilian morale.  


1939, Aug 23: Nazi Germany and Soviet Union sign non-aggression pact. [ About the Pact]
1940,  Aug 17: Germany  blockades  British waters and begins bombing England.
 1941  Aug 9: FDR and Churchill secretly form the Atlantic Charter. [About the Charter]
1942  U.S. Marines invade Guadalcanal. [ History link ]
1942  Aug 23 Battle of Stalingrad [ Link to article ]

1944:  Aug 25 Paris is liberated after four years of German occupation. [Rest of the Story ]
1945:  Aug 6--atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, and on Nagasaki on Aug. 9
1945  Japan surrenders, ending WWII


A TRIBUTE TOThe Saluting Boy On Omaha Beach (2014)

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I'll Be Seeing Your { Click } and listen to Jo Stafford sing about a loved one gone to war.

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Coming in on a wing and a Prayer { Listen Now }


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Writing from England in the midst of the London blitz, North Africa, and Italy, Steinbeck focuses on the people as opposed to the battles, portraying everyone from the guys in the bomber crew to Bob Hope on his USO tour. He eats and drinks with soldiers behind enemy lines, talks with them, and fights beside them. First published in book form in 1958, these writings, now with a new introduction by Mark Bowden, create an unforgettable portrait of life in wartime that continues to resonate with truth and humanity.  A Steinbeck Classic:  { Once There Was A War } Click on title inside the brackets to purchase.

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