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I remember seeing the posters promoting citizen participation on the home front during WWII.
These posters encouraged the greater public to become involved in war production and growing victory gardens. They persuaded folks to collect and turn in old newspapers and metal, including nylon stockings for recycling.

There were posters to make citizens aware of the presence of enemy spies among the populace, and urged people not to openly discuss any knowledge they have of military or defense operations. Hence, the adage, loose lips sink ships.
Posters encouraged people to drive less and conserve gasoline so that more could be available for the military. Patriotism became the central theme of advertising throughout the war. Large-scale campaigns were launched to sell war bonds, promote efficiency in factories, and maintain civilian morale.  


1939 Nov 30-- Russia invades Finland [ CLICK HERE ] for more details.

1940 Nov 20-- The dictatorships of Hungary and Romania join the Axis. [ HISTORICAL LINK]

1941 Nov 30-- With temperatures reaching -29F, and strong Russian resistance, the German force's                   advancement is halted 27 Km from Moscow making a turning point against Nazi aggression

1943 Nov 19--Marines land in Tarawa.  [ LINK TO THE HISTORICAL EVENT ]
                         Official USMC pictures on the battle at Tarawa  [ CLICK TO VIEW ]   Be sure to scroll down.

1944: Nov 14--B-29 bombers begin to bomb Tokyo from bases in the Mariana islands [ LINK ]

WW2 AIRCRAFT NOSE ART : (See note below pertaining to "Pop ups and ads ) Enjoy the Big Band sound along with the visual. [ CLICK HERE TO VIEW ]
Popular WW2 era songs : Note: "Pop ups" for ads or programs may appear from this link. They may be deleted or ignored. You need not download a program to watch or listen to the video. There may be a very short video ad that will appear first.

Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree  [ CLICK to tune in ]

Along the Navajo Trail  Andrew Sisters [ Click to Listen  ]
Don't Fence Me In     [ Sung by Roy Rogers ]
 Popular movies of the period:

Battle of Midway 1942,  Casablanca 1942,  Since You Went Away 1944

Radio Shows of the era:

Inner Sanctum Mystery  [Tune in ]

Lux Radio Theatre   [ CLICK TO LISTEN ]

Judy Canova   [ CLICK TO SAMPLE ]


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                 One Square Mile of Hell--The Battle for Tarawa  [ LINK TO BOOK REVIEW]

May 15, 1999
by Ann L Cooper and Ann L. Cooper   [LINK TO BOOK'S DESCRIPTION]

Oct 11, 2009
by Wanda Langley   For more information [CLICK HERE]

In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin Paperback  by Erik Larson, May 1, 2012    [CLICK]  FOR BOOK DESCRIPTION


                    Here Is Your War: Story of G.I. Joe by Ernie Pyle  [ Click for book ] description

The Dog Who Could Fly: The Incredible True Story of a WWII Airman and the Four-Legged Hero Who His Side { Click here } For book description.

Sgt. Reckless: America's War Horse [ Click ] in the brackets for book description.


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