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I remember seeing the posters promoting citizen participation on the home front during WWII.
These posters encouraged the greater public to become involved in war production and growing victory gardens. They persuaded folks to collect and turn in old newspapers and metal, including nylon stockings for recycling.

There were posters to make citizens aware of the presence of enemy spies among the populace, and urged people not to openly discuss any knowledge they have of military or defense operations. Hence, the adage, loose lips sink ships.
Posters encouraged people to drive less and conserve gasoline so that more could be available for the military. Patriotism became the central theme of advertising throughout the war. Large-scale campaigns were launched to sell war bonds, promote efficiency in factories, and maintain civilian morale.  

 1939--Germany invades Poland.  Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and France declare war on Germany.  U.S. proclaims neutrality. Battle of the Atlantic begins.
1940--Germany, Italy, and Japan. sign the Axis Agreement Pact
1941--  Sept.11 President Roosevelt issues an order that German or Italian ships sighted in U.S. waters will be attacked immediately.
1942--Sept.16 The U.S. established The Women's Airforce Service Pilots (WASPS). 
1943-- Sept. 9 U.S. Fifth Army lands at Salerno and sustain heavy losses from German forces.
1945--Sept 2  WW2 ends with the unconditional surrender of Japan ceremony aboard the USS Missouri.
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