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I remember seeing the posters promoting citizen participation on the home front during WWII.
These posters encouraged the greater public to become involved in war production and growing victory gardens. They persuaded folks to collect and turn in old newspapers and metal, including nylon stockings for recycling.

There were posters to make citizens aware of the presence of enemy spies among the populace, and urged people not to openly discuss any knowledge they have of military or defense operations. Hence, the adage, loose lips sink ships.
Posters encouraged people to drive less and conserve gasoline so that more could be available for the military. Patriotism became the central theme of advertising throughout the war. Large-scale campaigns were launched to sell war bonds, promote efficiency in factories, and maintain civilian morale.  


Dec 20: U.S. prepares to coordinate manufacturing and material aid to Great Britain which invigorates increased employment, coining the phrase, Rosie the Riveter.

Dec. 29: President Roosevelt declares America should be the arsenal of democracy against the Axis powers.

Dec. 7: Pearl Harbor attacked by Japanese forces. A veteran recounts his experience.
Dec. 8: Britain and the U.S. declare war on Japan. Japan invades Malaya.
Dec. 9: Germany and Italy declares war on U.S.
Dec. 19: U.S. extends the military draft for men between the ages of 20-44.
Dec. 27: Tire Rationing in U.S. This will later include other consumer items.

Dec. 16-26 Battle of the Bulge.

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Aircraft Nose Art: "Honey Chile"

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 The Media:
Popular WW2 era songs : Note: "Pop ups" for ads or programs may appear from this link. They may be deleted or ignored. You need not download a program to watch or listen to the video.
"When I Grow Too Old To Dream" An older song that became popular in the 1940's.  [Listen to Vera Lynn sing it]

"Praise the Lord And Pass The Ammunition"

"BoogieWoogie Bugle Boy Of Company B" A swinging tune sung by the Andrews Sisters. This number was very popular in the 1940's.

Celebs who served:  Betty White [1940's photo ]
                             Jack Palance

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